What To Do In NYC Koreatown

New York City is like a box of chocolates. Lots and lots of chocolates; that comes in different shapes, sizes, languages, cultures, foods, smells…you get the idea. Now with all these options, it might be a bit overwhelming but fear not, we’re here to help you take it all one bite at a time. Let’s start with Korean stuff in the city.

Koreatown in Manhattan isn’t really big. In fact, its pretty much just one block on 32nd Street and 5th Ave. There’s a lot of stuff going on this one block so here’s whats good.

To See

Not much to see here to be honest besides the cool signs on the street.

To Eat

If you’re going to do one thing in Koreatown, it’s to eat Korean food and if you’re going to eat Korean food, you gotta eat Korean BBQ. Now, there’s a ton of BBQ options here but the two best places to eat Korean BBQ would be Jongro or Kang Ho Dong Baekjung. The lines here can get crazy so arrive a little early to secure a seat for larger groups. Expect around a 30 minute wait on Thursday to Saturday dinner time for groups of 4 or more. Groups of 1-3, should only be around 10-15 minutes.

Also worth checking out is the Food Gallery which boasts a variety of food vendors where you can get noodles, dessert, and other Asian delights.

To Chill

There’s a few spots here to have a drink and relax. Check out Soju Haus, Banjia, or Third Floor.

To Party

Have some drinks at the chill spots then head over to Maru or Circle. Maru is fairly small and has karaoke rooms. It get’s kind of loud and crowded but has good music. Circle is pretty much an asian club and mostly plays EDM and House music.