Don’t Forget About Flushing: What To Do and Eat

You know, NYC isn’t juuust about Manhattan. Queens is one of the outer boroughs that’s often looked over but there’s tons of places worth checking out. Flushing for example; weird name for a neighborhood but flush with multicultural foods, sights, and sounds. To be completely honest, there is not much sight seeing here besides taking in all the hustle and bustle of NYC’s other Chinatown. That doesn’t mean there isn’t things to check out. Here are the top places we’d go if you were hanging with us in Flushing.

Spring Shabu Shabu

This place is the Especially during the winter, it’s a Korean style Shabu place that offers good prices and fresh meats and unlimited vegetables.

Golden Shopping Mall

This is literally a hole in the wall.


Kung Fu Bubble Tea

Jade Asian Dim Sum

Nan Xiang Soup Dumplings