The Coolest But Pretty Pricey Hotels In NYC

The hotels we are about to drop on you aren’t the best value or the nicest in terms of room size or amenities; these are the coolest. By that we mean, cool vibes, cool decor, cool people hanging out in or near the hotels. If you want to be more practical about it, check out our Guide to Cool but Affordable Hotels in NYC post. If you’re still reading and down to ball out for your vacay – here’s the rundown.

Beekman Hotel – WTC Area, Lower Manhattan

This hotel is an Instagram gold mine. The decor is just absolutely stunning and the hotel itself is impeccable. This hotel has awesome rooms, 2 fine dining restaurants, nice marble bathrooms, and a cool living room style bar. It sorta feels like you’re in some old movie except everything is nice and modern.

The Greenwich Hotel – Soho, Manhattan

Alright, so Robert De Niro owns this hotel so that in itself is what makes this hotel cool. Other than that, the vibes here are calm and soothing. It feels like you’re in Tuscany or something. The rooms are really spacious, the minibar is free (yay!), and as a bonus there’s a cool underground pool.

The William Vale – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This place is the shizz. The pool. The views. The people. It has all the right vibes and its near the hottest clubs and eats in town. Yes its pricey, but the vibes of the place and view of Manhattan from the rooftop bar pretty much make up for it. If you’re looking for hip and trendy, this is it.

Nomad Hotel – Manhattan

If you want to have a magical time in New York, the Nomad Hotel is the place to be. There literally is a magician who’s act is inside the hotel. It’s an AWESOME show by the way so if you do book a room here, check it out. The rooms here are nice with high ceilings and wooden flooring, adding a classy touch. There’s also a really good bar that serves delicious cocktails.

Crosby Street Hotel